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Venture Capital Funds halve in 2011

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Funding for venture capital smart grid dropped to $377 million, which is half of the $769 million for 2010 according to Mercom Capital Group.

The total number of deals however, stayed similar at 50 as opposed to 51 in the previous year.

Almost half of the funds for the the VC were raised by smart grid communications technology companies.

Top of the VC funding deals for 2011 were iControl Networks ($51.6 million) SmartSynch ($25.7 million), Silver Spring Networks ($24 million), Gridpoint ($23.6 million) and JouleX ($17 million).

Top of the investors in 2011 were GE (6 deals) Emerald Technology Venture (5 deals) and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (5 deals). These investors were the top 3 last year. Other top investors were Foundation Capital, Intel Capital, and Rockport Capital with 4 deals each.

“VC funding in smart grid was anemic at best in 2011,” commented Raj Prabhu, managing partner at Mercom Capital Group. “Interestingly, the number of VC investors increased to 92 from 87 in 2010, pointing to continued investor interest but lower risk appetite.”

The major M&A transactions in 2011 were $2.3 billion acquisition of smart meter company Landis+Gyr by Toshiba and the $2 billion acquisition of real-time IT and monitoring services provider Telvent by Schnieder Electric.

4 transactions had acquisition details out of 30 total transactions , a much higher amount than the $4.6 billion in M&A activity in 2011.

In 2010 there were 40 M&A deals amounting to $1.3 billion, but only 4 were disclosed.



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