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Waste company receives fine for causing offensive smells

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A waste firm in Dorset has been fined £13,500 due to breaching it’s environmental permit by causing offensive odours.

The company called Eco Sustainable Solutions composts food and green waste at their site in Chapel Lane, Christchurch.

The Environment Agency took them to Bournemouth Magistrates Court after serving the company with four enforcement notices, where they pleaded guilty to five offences of causing significant odour between  February and April 2013.

Stephanie Marriott for the Environment Agency said: “The good news is the operator has now complied with three of the notices and is on course to comply with the fourth very soon. Since December 2013 they have worked closely with us and made significant on-site improvements. They have stopped their in-vessel composting activities.”

Eco Sustainable Solutions can process 180,000 tonnes  of waste a year, and is located close to Bournemouth Airport, local businesses and private dwellings.



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