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Waste-to-energy plant opens in Exeter

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waste to management plantExeter has it’s own energy recovery facility that has the capacity to process 60,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste every year.

3.7MW of electricity will be produced by the plant, 3.2MW of which will be exported to the grid, enough to power around 5,000 homes.

This project is a partnership between Devon County Council, Viridor and TIRU which is a subsidiary of EDF.

Councillor John Clatworthy, Deputy Leader of Devon County Council said: “With our new facility here in Exeter, we can recover energy from our waste, turn it into electricity and export it back to the national grid. That reduces the running costs of the plant as well as creating a useful form of renewable energy.

“In time, we hope to use the steam too as part of a district heating network, making it a truly efficient process.”




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