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Which? survey shows that sales staff are confused at tariffs

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According to a Which? survey, sales staff at energy companies are confused when it comes to offering tariffs to customers.

The research showed that staff are sometimes not offering customers the cheapest rate available to them, because they are confused by the different tariffs, and failing to mention important details such as exit fees connected to certain tariffs.

93% of calls made during the survey were offered the cheapest tariff which is up from last year, at only 75%.

The results of the survey showed that Scottish Power and Southern Electric came out top, as they offered the best tariffs and mentioned any exit fees together with low waiting times.

Npower and British Gas were rated the worst.

Southern Electric, EDF Energy and British Gas offered their cheapest deal in all 12 of the calls in the survey – a marked improvement for British Gas, which only offered the best deal in 4 out of 12 calls in the previous survey.

Richard Lloyd executive director of Which? said that if the sales staff are confused customers are less likely to be offered the best tariffs available. He also said that the government need to go further with their proposals and ensure that all suppliers use a single unit price for their tariffs, to enable customers to spot the cheapest tariffs quickly and easily.





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