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Windfarms will be banned from Scottish scenery

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The Scottish Government have drafted some new planning policy proposals under which development of wind farms would be subject to “strengthened environmental protection” in 31 per cent of the country designated as “wild” landscape. 19% of Scotland is covered in National Parks and National Scenic areas, where wind farms will be prohibited.

Planning minister Derek Mackay said: “Scotland is enriched by a high quality environment and many special places to live in and visit. These physical assets underpin our economy and our quality of life and that is why we need to ensure developments go in the right place.”

Scotland’s target of 100% of gross electricity demand from renewables by 2020 could take a knock with the proposals, however Jenny Hogan, director of policy for Scottish Renewables, warned: “Onshore wind is absolutely key to meeting Scotland’s climate change and renewable energy targets and excluding large areas of the country suitable for wind farms could potentially slow progress to achieving these objectives.”



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